Mall Walker Program
  Jun 1, 2023 - Dec 31, 2028

Join the Club!

 Enjoy strolling around and getting your steps in. Mall walking offers a safe, free and comfortable way for the public to be more physically active. One lap around the mall is almost one mile! Belden Village welcomes Mall Walkers daily at 10:30 am (a half-hour before the mall opens) daily to provide:

  • An indoor environment to avoid harsh weather.
  • Mall security staff and the presence of other walkers and shoppers.
  • Level ground, which can reduce risks of trips and falls.
  • Company of fellow mall walkers.
  • Well-lit restrooms and benches or places to sit and rest.
  • Access to coffee or beverages from mall eateries.

*Hours may vary during holiday hours or inclement weather. Please call the mall in advance at 330-492-7779 to confirm when the doors will open.*